Do you think winning is the only way to survive?

We all have started our journey when we took our first breath on this earth. This journey is called “life”. Life is like a competition. We have competition everyday because we set such high standards for ourselves that we have to go out everyday and live up to that. Competition are important cause “no competition, no progress.” Competition are good to make us competitive and concentrate towards our goals. That’s not true in every cases because everyone is not capable of handling failures. So,somehow competition breaks you mentally and physically. However, if you don’t have to break yourself then learn “How to deal with failures” and “ How to handle rejections”. That’s the only way to sustain yourself at the end of the competition. Because we are living in the era where only winners are matters and important. When you loose your competition don’t loose your goal cause there are still numerous opportunities and competition are waiting for you. “ You can’t always be the most talented in the room but you can be the most competitive one.”

credit: third party image reference Sometimes,our fear of losing this life’s competition is bigger than your success. Remember, there are thousands of people who are losing everyday but the strategy of our society is just that want to talk about winners and they don’t want to talk about failures. However,this is not fair enough because before the competition the winner and looser both are the players. They give their efforts equally. But after the competition or playing a game, how can someone say that it is the ones who have won have worked hard comparing to those who loose. According to my point of view, don’t take interview of the winners. We should take interview the loosers who are losing the competition or game because loosers will talk about the mistakes that other people who are going to play in future will save themselves by making these mistakes. Learn from failures and try for another life ‘s competition. Keep in your mind that loosers don’t stay loosers at all times some day they will become winners too.

credit: third party image reference Life is not about what happens to you because situations occurs with everyone,but life is all about how you react the circumstances. Remember that everyone ‘s life are the same but everyone’s reaction is different. There is nothing wrong with loosing but it is important to learn from that defeat. Winning isn’t everything nor in the sports neither in life. Reaching a goal no matter what efforts is required,it’s not important you win or loose, it’s all about how you Play the game. “Remember, winning is not the only way to survive” Life is like a competition,so dare to go into competition without thinking about winning or loosing. Cause failure is not life is just a part of life. In nutshell, don’t let your success or failure defines you. Let’s educate ourself because that’s the important thing. So, be in the moment, have a good time right now.

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